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Our Commitment to You

My credentials are below (on the tab "The Doctor"), but I feel explaining my philosophy of patient care is so important that I wanted to begin here.

The blending of traditional and wholistic medicine has enabled me to handle the toughest medical problems for patients who feel helpless or written off by the traditional western system. Personalized, customized care is my specialty and the key to healing.

My team and I will not stop with the relief of symptoms. We will work with you to find a truly wholistic solution based on treating the root cause. For long-term healthy living, medicine can’t just be about responding to emergencies. Instead prevention is primary, intervention is secondary.

I enjoy helping you and it gives me a sense of fulfillment to resolve your medical problems. I actually get stronger when I help people. Service and Duty are the highest values in my life. That’s the way I practice medicine. That's why our corporate motto is "Wholistic care to protect life".

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Natural Medicine and Preventative Health & Heart Group & Associates, Inc.

Traditional methods work for the majority of patients, but we became specialists to help the minority as well. There are a lot of treatments and products that use the word “Natural” that are not. Many of these are ineffective, costly and even harmful. As doctors, our job is to act as the information filter to guide patients to the best treatments that are effective and truly Natural. So what does “Natural” mean?

First, the universe as we know it could not exist without law and structure or it would be purely random and chaotic. Natural Law is the universal source of this orderliness. When we say “Nature” or “Natural” we are referring back to “Mother Nature and her Natural Laws”.

Second, nature doesn’t work from the “single active ingredient” principle, also known as the “magic bullet”. Instead Nature uses wholistic and dynamic synergy in complex systems. There are over a dozen anti-oxidants in an orange, not just Vitamin C. Just taking Vitamin C doesn’t have the same effect as eating an orange. So when we say Natural, we mean it still has this wholistic framework, nothing’s been removed or isolated.

Third, Nature is self-correcting and self-referral, without unintended consequences or without a disruption of the dynamic balance normally found in Nature. Natural systems are so complex that our best scientific minds can’t even identify all of the components. For example there are over 500,000 chemical reactions in the human body that are all inter-related. To attempt corrections of just a few, inevitably produces side effects. Nature has the understanding of the big picture that we lack. So when we say Natural we don’t mean treating only one system regardless of the impact to the rest of systems in the body. But rather, we mean helping the body self-correct to its own Natural healthy state.

Natural doesn’t mean primitive. Natural Medicine doesn’t mean Primitive Medicine. It means it utilizes ancient wisdom about the natural world and about the natural state of our bodies. So for us, this is real healing, this is good medicine, this is Natural Medicine.


The Shield

The shield in our corporate logo, is a symbol of natural protection. We emphasize balance and homeostasis in the body to restore and maintain health.

Balancing the body’s systems is like weighing and balancing the evidence in a court of law. From the perspective of natural law, every action has an equal and opposite re-action, “as you sow, so shall you reap,” this means Nature’s justice: restoring the balance to your body.

But the two scales of guilt and innocence are just the diagnosis, not the healing, and at the end of the day that is what’s most important to you: getting well, not getting sick again, and living in that healthy state. To overcome disease—and live healthy—you need wholistic, self-correcting, natural protection.

This is why we chose the Shield of Justice as our corporate symbol and not the Scales of Justice. Strength through balance is the aspect of Natural Law that provides protection through prevention. Justice protects the innocent but if you turn your back on Natural Law then Natural Law will turn its back on you and there will inevitably be consequenses. However, if your lifestyle and your health treatments follow Natural Law, then you have protection from suffering and disease.

Thus our shield is the protection that comes from living in balance with Natural Law and its self-correcting mechanisms.


The Doctor

John W. Zamarra M.D. FACC was one of the first American cardiologists to research the effects of meditation on coronary heart disease and to introduce it into clinical cardiology practice. His background bridges the traditional Western Medical Traditions and the wholistic natural Eastern Traditions giving him a unique insight on healthcare.

Dr. Zamarra completed his post-graduate internal medicine training and cardiology fellowship at the State University of New York-Buffalo Medical Center and is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the American College of Cardiology. He has served as Medical Director of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department at Placentia Linda Community Hospital in Orange County, CA; Chief of Staff at Kindred Hospital in Brea, CA; and has been Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California at Irvine for over two decades.

Dr. Zamarra has lectured widely on the effects of meditation in the U.S. and Canada, including a presentation to the U.S. Department of Defense at the Pentagon, and numerous engagements with the Veteran’s Administration and most recently providing accredited CME lectures for hospitals throughout Southern California.

Accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) Lectures

Public Health Lecture Series

Honors and Publications

  • Outstanding Physician of the Year, 2016. Senior Care Hero Awards, Seniorserv
  • CardioSurve Panelist 2014-2015, American College of Cardiology
  • Manuscript Review for The New England Journal of Medicine


Robert Cosenza, Louisville KY

Dr. Zamarra is a superlative physician and healer, Not bound by traditional medical dependencies, Dr. Zamarra has been able to suggest alternatives to my therapy that have proved to be advantageous. For this I am Grateful.

Nona Dvorak, age 90, Fullerton CA

As Dr. Zamarra greets me in the consultation room and asks how am I doing, he has already read my body language. I’m able to be tested and record my daily weight, glucose and blood pressure, review prescriptions and medication and supplements, plus talk about if I need extra fiber. Dr. Zamarra honors me by reading my records, and any of these entries might lead to further questions.

The Doctor checks my blood pressure, does an EKG, reviews my list of questions, and moves on to coaching or teaching me new ways to improve my health.

He always has a pleasant and positive remark to brighten my day, and his booming laugh sets the mood for a smiling and caring staff. Help and hope go with each patient.

Appointments are scheduled AFTER the examination.

Dr. Zamarra is the best doctor I have ever had.

David Petreccia, Yorba Linda CA

I have found Dr. Zamarra to constantly go beyond the call of duty. Many times as my physician he would make himself available whenever a question arose. If I needed him, he would wait or go back to the office to meet with me or my family to discuss matters.

His approach has always been one of concern and wanting to be a partner in solving any issues from the most complex to the simple. I have recommended him to others especially for second opinions or if they had Holistic questions.